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How Foster Care can Transform a community
12 June 2019

Name: Northeast Child Welfare Protection Institution
Location: Khon Kaen, Thailand
In April of 2018, we started delivering training to the Northeast Child Welfare Protection Institution. It’s one of the nine child welfare homes across the country which the government asked us to train last year, and has rapidly developed an exciting foster care program. There are ten foster families who currently care for eleven different children of all ages.
“The Director of the home, Prapai Khamvut, has always been a great advocate for foster care and she knows how much the children long to be part of a family. She was previously the head of the Nong Kai Home for Boys, which is a home we trained six years ago during the first phase of our work in Thailand.
This home for older boys is supporting foster families in several rural communities, where agriculture is the mainstay of the community. Each family benefits from monthly visits from family placement workers, trained by Care for Children, ensuring every foster child receives the best possible care. The foster care system creates opportunity to provide holistic support to foster families as well as the fostered children, and Prapai and the home identified a unique way of doing this.
There are over 5,000 children still living in government-run orphanages. It’s a huge number, but the solution starts with small, innovative ideas to ensure each child can be raised in their own foster family.
Transforming the local community
With this in mind, the home have been rearing cows and pigs and decided to donate them to the foster families. This provides an amazing way to say thank you to the families, as well as an excellent opportunity for the foster children to take on new responsibility, raising and nurturing their own animals. It was also a unique way to provide financial support to the families, hoping to encourage more families to welcome children into their homes.
This month they invited nine families to come to the home and their names went into a hat for the drawing of six cows and several pigs. The families will rear the animals and will either sell any offspring or give them to new foster families.
Jane, Care for Children’s Country Manager in Thailand, said “I think this idea of encouraging and supporting the families with cows and pigs is a brilliant one! There are so many life lessons the boys can learn by helping their foster parents care for these animals – responsibility and financial planning being just two of them.”
We’re committed to giving every child a family because it’s the best place for children to grow and explore the world around them. These opportunities wouldn’t be possible without the transformation that has taken place in child welfare in Thailand. Life in an orphanage will always have limits, but a family provides the freedom for a child to thrive.
You can support our work in Thailand by giving regularly and becoming a Family Champion. Just £10 a month can help us train another family placement worker and support twenty more children to thrive in a loving family.
Please join us today. Become a FAMILY CHAMPION today
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