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Working alongside our government partners
25 September 2019
Over 20 years, we’ve worked closely with government partners in China to transform the future of orphaned and abandoned children across the country. This article gives an insight into how this model has been effective for such a long time.
Why we partner with governments?
Our strategy brings about policy change at the top levels of government, as well as grassroots change for frontline staff in government-run orphanages. Our training teams provide tailored training to government staff, and cutting-edge advice and support to orphanages. This enables them to set-up or expand their own foster care programmes.

Our partnership model has proven incredibly fruitful. In China, the whole child welfare system has been transformed, and the law has been changed. Social Services now recognise that family is the best environment for children to thrive, and so work diligently to place children in families, not in institutions.
In this video, you can hear Yan Mingfu, a senior Chinese government official, discuss the impact of the partnership between Care for Children and the Chinese government.
What has the impact been?
Hundreds of thousands of children have been placed in local, loving families. Hundreds of thousands of children have been given a new, unique hope for the future, nurtured and loved to help them thrive in every way.
These new opportunities have been won for future generations of children too, because the work is government led it is sustainable long into the future, far beyond Care for Children’s reach. In fact, the successful model has now spread to other countries, with the Thai and Vietnamese governments working with us to transform the future for their most vulnerable children.

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