Aran & Jaidee's Story

Let's introduce Aran and Jaidee, two remarkable boys whose lives have been positively impacted by Care for Children. They have found a loving home with their foster parents, Mr and Mrs Boonliang. Their foster journey began when Mr Boonliang, a school bus driver, formed a connection with the boys while driving his bus. This led him to embark on the process of becoming their foster parent.

Although it has only been a year since they joined the Boonliang family, Aran and Jaidee have settled comfortably into their new home. Their foster parents speak highly of their exceptional qualities, describing them as incredibly kind and respectful. The boys eagerly contribute to household chores whenever they can and cherish their time together, whether it's watching cartoons or enjoying music.

Beyond their positive presence at home, the boys have also made significant contributions to their community. A recent incident highlighted their bravery and alertness. Aran noticed a small fire in a neighbour's house and quickly rushed home to inform his foster mother, who promptly called the police. Mrs Boonliang expressed her pride in the boys, sharing her sentiments with the Care for Children team and their Thai partners.

Mr Boonliang also shared his perspective with our team, stating, “By living with us, we can ensure that these boys receive the love and care they truly deserve.” The Boonliang family is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where Aran and Jaidee can thrive.

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