Dong Dong's Story

Dong Dong, a twelve-year-old boy, is an optimistic and confident individual, despite being paralyzed from the waist down and suffering from brittle bones that make even simple daily activities risky. His resilience is evident from the constant smile on his face, but it wasn't always like this.

When Dong Dong first joined his foster family, he was filled with anger, anxiety, and frequent tantrums. He felt frustrated watching his peers play with friends and go to school happily while he remained confined at home. He saw himself as unworthy and unwanted.

Recognizing the importance of school life for Dong Dong's social integration and skill development, his foster father realized that special education support was limited in their village. So, he decided to teach Dong Dong how to play Chinese chess. Dong Dong's foster brother also provided immense support by bringing home numerous books to enhance Dong Dong's chess skills. To everyone's delight, Dong Dong showed both interest and talent, progressing rapidly. He played with his foster father, foster brother, neighbours, and social workers, ultimately becoming a local champion. This positive experience granted Dong Dong a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

The nurture provided by his foster father played a pivotal role in transforming Dong Dong's life and marked a significant turning point in his development. Through his foster family's love and encouragement, Dong Dong now approaches new situations with self-confidence and seeks support when needed.

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Dong Dong (12) is a boy who is paralyzed from his waist down.