Liang Liang's Story

Let's meet Liang Liang, a resilient young boy who faced significant challenges when he was placed into his foster family at the age of three. At that time, he was filled with anxiety, insecurity, and anger due to his split spinal cord malformation. Liang Liang saw himself as unlovable and unworthy, often expressing his struggles to anyone he met. He would frequently have temper tantrums, and his foster mother would overhear his conversations with his teddy bear, where he expressed dark thoughts of abandonment and self-doubt.

Liang Liang also faced difficulties in regulating his appetite. He couldn't sense when he was full, often requesting more food even after consuming enough. He developed a habit of hoarding food and fiercely protecting it from others. He repeatedly sought reassurance from his foster mother, asking her questions like, “Will you love me? Will you want me? Will you still give me food to eat?!”

Fortunately, his foster mother was experienced and displayed remarkable patience throughout the journey. She understood that Liang Liang was desperately craving love and a sense of belonging. She worked diligently to shift his perspective, helping him understand that his impairments were not reasons for abandonment. She rebuilt his trust in adults and worked on improving his self-esteem. Through gentle conversations, she provided explanations for why his birth parents couldn't keep him, emphasizing that their difficulties were unrelated to Liang Liang's condition. In various ways, she consistently demonstrated love, value, and acceptance for Liang Liang and all family members, regardless of their behaviours.

Today, Liang Liang flourishes within his foster family's unconditional love and acceptance. We are overjoyed to witness the deep attachment he has developed with his mother and his entire family. He proudly shares their family photo with others, declaring, “This is my mum, this is my dad, and this is me... Mum says I am 'the apple of her eye'!!” Liang Liang's story is a testament to the transformative power of love, understanding, and a dedicated foster family. Through their support, he has found the security, acceptance, and happiness he deserves.

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