Lu Lu's Story

Meet Lu Lu, a young boy who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease and placed into a family when he was just four years old. Initially, Lu Lu was withdrawn and showed little interest in playing with toys or speaking. However, his behaviour has undergone a remarkable transformation since living with his family for over three years.

Thanks to Care for Children's training in high-quality foster care and family placement, the staff at the orphanage where Lu Lu used to live have been able to provide valuable resources and training to his foster family. Lu Lu's foster mother has received guidance throughout the initial stages of their journey together, allowing Lu Lu to adapt to life within a family environment. She has devoted considerable time and effort to understanding Lu Lu and getting to know his unique personality.

The genuine love and unwavering patience displayed by his foster mother have had a profound impact on Lu Lu. Through her dedicated care, Lu Lu has developed a deep attachment to his foster mother. He has found confidence and security within his foster family, knowing that he has their unwavering support. Even when he faces conflicts or disagreements while playing with other children, he finds comfort in the knowledge that he can always return home to his foster mother, who reassures him by saying, “Don't worry, Mum will back you up.”

These simple words fill Lu Lu with immense joy, as they remind him that he is not alone and that he can always rely on the love and support of his foster family.

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