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Meili's Story

Five-year-old Meili was abandoned and came into institutional care as a newborn baby. At age two, she was placed with a foster family, was very impulsive and had temper tantrums.

She didn’t have a sense of hunger or thirst. After drinking a whole bottle of water, she said:

“I am very, very thirsty”

She was not interested in toys. When distressed, she didn’t seek for comfort or help. She banged her head against wall.

Her foster mother was very committed and sensitive to Meili’s signals and was always there to soothe and support Meili. With love and nurture, Meili gradually began to thrive in the family. She no longer overeats, has less and less temper tantrums, and gets along very well with other children in kindergarten.

When asked what she would do if she felt distressed, she replied without any hesitation:

“I would go to my Mum.”
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