Xiao Long's Story

Let's meet Xiao Long, a resilient 12-year-old boy who has overcome significant challenges in his young life. He was born with a cleft palate and sadly abandoned by his birth parents at just one year old. Xiao Long was placed in institutional care initially, but after six months, a foster family was arranged for him. For over 10 years now, he has been living with the same foster family who have provided him with love and support.

Throughout this time, Care for Children played a crucial role in training and supporting both Xiao Long's foster parents and the staff at the child welfare institution where he used to live. Many of the staff members have undergone training to become family placement workers, ensuring that other children like Xiao Long receive the care they deserve.

When Xiao Long first joined his foster family, he was wary and withdrawn. He rarely smiled, cried, spoke, or engaged in play. Deeply defensive and angry, he found it hard to trust anyone. However, his foster mother displayed remarkable patience and sensitivity. She learned to read his signals, understanding when he was hungry, distressed, or unwell. Even when she herself was unwell, she devoted all her time and energy to caring for Xiao Long. Her unwavering presence and care made a tremendous difference. Gradually, Xiao Long began to open up, seeking comfort from his foster mother whenever he was upset. He became the apple of her eye, and the first time he called her 'mum', her heart swelled with joy. The strong bond they share is truly precious.

Today, Xiao Long attends the local primary school in his community. He has discovered a great interest and talent in drawing, which his foster family has recognized and encouraged. The child welfare institution has also acknowledged that children like Xiao Long, who have experienced challenging beginnings, may require additional support as they transition into adulthood. With the guidance of Care for Children, the institution developed a robust family placement programme that continues to provide support to Xiao Long's foster family. They have even arranged for a private art teacher to nurture Xiao Long's talents. These art classes have significantly boosted his confidence and passion. Now, when his classmates visit him, he proudly shares his drawings with them. His foster family takes immense pride in his accomplishments, displaying his artwork throughout their home, creating a strong sense of belonging for Xiao Long.

At school, Xiao Long is well-liked by his teachers and peers. He is known for his helpful nature and even acts as the head teacher's 'little assistant'. As he grows older, Xiao Long aspires to work in the field of fine arts, and his determination is unwavering.

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