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"I have personally witnessed the happiness brought by China’s foster care project. In the last 15 years we have gone through a long and eventful journey. If you work alone you can work fast; if you work together you can work far."
Mme. Wong, Chinese Association of Social Workers. Oct 2018
Project Overview

Since 1998, Care for Children has pioneered family-based care in China, helping transform their child welfare system. Foster care now represents one of the primary methods of care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Working under the Ministry of Civil Affairs with the Chinese Association of Social Workers, Care for Children has trained thousands of family placement workers throughout the country to provide long-term support to children and the families they join, and hundreds of thousands of children’s lives have been transformed.

The most recent project stage (3) has focussed on developing five national models of best practice that also act as training and resource centres, repurposing institutions to serve the wider community. The next and final project stage (4) will begin in 2020, and will focus on creating an online foster care resource and training service for child care staff throughout the country. This will ensure that China has a sustainable, replicable model of care, ensuring that generations of orphaned and abandoned children will continue to benefit from Care for Children’s work in China.

The map below shows where our Head Offices are located and what provinces our Project Partnerships are in.

Project Facts
Established 1998
Government partner China Social Work Association (Ministry of Civil Affairs)
Location National
Total Orphanages trained 271
Project Stage 3 of 4: National models of best practice (2015 - 2019)
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