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"I used to take things to donate to the orphanage. There were so many children there. I remember they wheeled them around in a big cart. One of the nannies said to me, “You know you can take care of children like these in your own home.” I went straight into the office and asked the social worker how I could apply!” "
Doi, Foster Mother
Project Overview

It is estimated that around 5,000 children live in government-run Child Welfare Homes, with many thousands more living in privately funded homes.

Since 2012, the Thai project has directly trained every government Child Welfare Home in the country, with over 50% now running local foster care services. Over 1000 family placement workers have been trained across the country, developing the core infrastructure to build a sustainable system of care for vulnerable children under the state’s protection.

The primary focus of project stage 3 is to train and equip 77 Emergency Shelter Homes as well as the 29 Child Welfare Homes, and to raise national awareness of foster care in order to recruit more foster parents.

Project Facts
Established 2012
Government partner Department of Children & Youth (Ministry of Social Development and Human Security)
Location National
Total Orphanges trained 29
Project stage 3 of 4: National best practice (2019 - 2021)
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Everything we do is working towards the life-changing opportunity for children to be placed into local, loving families. Read about the incredible impact this can have for children.
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