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An Insight into Thailand District Training
10 September 2019
Last week, our team in Thailand hosted a training session which represented a significant step forward in the life of the project in Thailand.
There are currently 350 children living in foster care, care for by 200 different families across the country. Right now, these children are receiving the unique nurture, care and love that only a family can provide.
But there are thousands of children still living in institutions across Thailand. Children who also deserve to move out of institutions and into loving, local families.
Here’s how we’re going to do it.
Chiang Mai, Thailand
In Mae Faek, Chiang Mai, staff and district representatives from children’s services across the region gathered for a one day workshop, focusing on how foster care can make a bigger impact across their local communities.
Excitingly, this training was delivered by representatives from the Thai government and individuals who have been through Care for Children’s training in the past, and are now able to share their own knowledge and experience with others.
It’s a huge triumph for our Thailand team because this stage of the project means that our impact can grow exponentially in the coming months and years. Our brilliant training team have worked tirelessly to share their expertise with child welfare officers across the country and now more Thai government staff will take on this training role alongside our team.
Watch the video to see who attended the training, and hear Jane, the Thailand Country Manager, share more about the workshop.
‘Training the trainer’ is an integral part of our project plan. Because it helps to embed foster care into the DNA of our government partners. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and empowering our partners, hoping that generations of children can benefit from the ongoing development of a consistent foster care program.
More social workers will hear about how foster can transform children’s lives.
More families can be found and equipped to give excellent care to children
And more children can move out of orphanages and into local, loving families.
You can read more about our project in Thailand here.
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