Leave a Legacy

By remembering Care for Children in your will, you can help to secure a future for orphans and vulnerable children, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

As well as ensuring your family and friends are provided for in the way you wish after you're gone, your will is an opportunity to leave money or property to causes you care about. Of all the gifts you could leave in your will, the gift of a family is possibly one of the most precious. Imagine a child in an orphanage being given the opportunity to grow up and thrive in a loving foster family, rather than spending the rest of their childhood in an institution – all thanks to your gift.

At Care for Children, we will continue our work of ensuring the most vulnerable children in the world have the opportunity to grow up in a family for as long as we need to do so. Our promise to you is that by donating to Care for Children in your will, your incredible kindness will help us transform the lives of generations to come after you've passed away. Your legacy donation could help us support the care of numerous children in foster families, advocate for improved childcare legislation, or even launch a project in a new country.

Whatever size gift you choose to leave, it will have a huge impact on our work. For every £1 we receive, 83p goes on our charity work, and the rest helps to increase awareness of Care for Children and raise more funds. Since Care for Children was founded over 20 years ago, our amazing supporters have helped us train over 6,000 child welfare staff in family placement and bring about major changes to legislation in both China and Vietnam, resulting in hundreds of thousands of orphans and vulnerable children being placed into local, loving families. A gift in your will can help us to confidently plan ambitious projects that improve so many lives. Thank you.

Any questions?

If you want to talk to someone about making a donation in your will, please call our team on 01603 627814 or email us on legacies@careforchildren.com.