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Five Cities Launch Success
31 October 2017

Held for the first time in Hong Kong, the ‘Window into China’ exhibition attracted more than 300 local and overseas visitors. The exhibition highlighted the organisation’s achievements and provided a glimpse into the future of family life for orphaned and abandoned children in China.

The project jointly funded by the Chinese government and Care for Children, initiates resource centres that will provide key support for families and children in the community. As a registered charity in Hong Kong, Care for Children has experienced wonderful support that has enabled children in China to have a family of their own.

In addition, over 200 guests attended our “Window to China” Charity Dinner in Hong Kong on the evening of October 24th. The event marked the official launch of our “Five Cities” initiative, which aims to support disadvantaged children and families in communities across China.

Dr Robert Glover OBE, Founder and Executive Director of Care for Children joined together with ambassador Bear Grylls to kick off the charity dinner with a Q&A interview session. It was a full house of distinguished guests from the government, local and overseas partners and donors. Dr Glover OBE shared the story of development of the organisation. “We have successfully placed a generation of children into families and recognise that this is a key time to launch the ‘Five Cities’ initiative in China.“

Bear Grylls, Care for Children ambassador, expressed, “it’s all about the ‘forgotten’. I always have the thirst to champion the unsung hero, those who never got the opportunity.” Bear Grylls continued on his engagement with Care for Children, “what’s remarkable is that you (Care for Children) have the ability to do in such a big scale. It’s amazing to see some charities who selflessly serve with a few people. But you (Care for Children) have the ability to take that spirit and then do it across the whole nation.”

In 1998, Care for Children pioneered family placement care in China as a positive alternative to institutional care. The project has since grown from a small pilot project in Shanghai, to a nationwide project with repercussions throughout Asia. Throughout the past 20 years, Care for Children has successfully transformed the lives of a generation of China’s most vulnerable children by leveraging innovations in practical and theoretical social care, and bringing world-class expertise to China.
With support from the IKEA Foundation, Care for Children is now preparing to launch an ambitious new project aimed at supporting children as they are moved out of care institutions, as well as providing vital services for the wider communities.

Working with institutions in five cities across China: Kunming, Chengdu, Xining, Yinchuan, and Datong, Care for Children strives to bring wider changes to the community by developing spaces that were left over after children move out of the institutions.

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