Love Transforms: Kla’s Story
20 November 2023

Launched in 2012, Care for Children's Thailand project has successfully conducted over 200 training workshops, reaching over 4,000 childcare staff, and facilitating the placement of up to 165 children into families each year.

Amidst this progress, the story of Kla* resonates profoundly. Among the many children embraced by local families, Kla stands as a testament to the transformative power of love and support. When Kla, a fourth grader, was placed into a local family, his past experiences in institutional care made trusting his new family very difficult.

“I have this disease, so are you still willing to care for me forever?” Kla asked his foster mother. Her response was an unwavering pledge of unconditional love and care. However, it took a year for Kla to begin trusting her.

The absence of a stable family foundation often erodes trust, love, and the sense of unconditional care crucial for a child's healthy development. This absence contributed to Kla's struggles with self-esteem and confidence. But within a year of being in a family and experiencing the unconditional love of his parents, his confidence blossomed. The nurturing love of a family became the catalyst for developing resilience and strength.

It is stories like Kla’s that energise us and our mission. Witnessing children like him embrace the love of a family fuels our determination. However, amidst our achievements, there are still thousands of children growing up in government institutions in Thailand, unable to experience the warmth and security of a family.

With your support, we can rewrite the stories of these children, offering them the foundation of love, trust, and family they so rightly deserve.

* Name and image changed to protect anonymity.

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