Dan Dan's Story

This is the account of one of our training team members in China who had the opportunity to visit one of Care for Children's well-established foster care projects.

“As it was my first visit, I was filled with anticipation, eager to see the impact of our work. During our visit, we spent a day connecting with some of the project's foster families, and one particular family stood out.”

“This foster family had taken in two children, a girl and a boy. I had the pleasure of engaging in conversation with the teenage girl, Dan Dan. Despite her initial shyness, Dan Dan gradually opened up to us as we spoke about her interests. I noticed her hands busily stitching, and it became apparent that she had a remarkable talent for cross-stitch and design. Her foster mother recognized this talent and the immense joy it brought Dan Dan. She invested in cross-stitch design kits with various patterns, encouraging Dan Dan's passion. This support had sparked a deep interest within her. Dan Dan loved nothing more than sitting with her foster mother, discussing her designs, while her foster mother patiently corrected any mistakes or incorrect stitches. The foster mother's patience and love for Dan Dan were evident as she proudly displayed Dan Dan's work throughout the room, allowing everyone to appreciate her artistic accomplishments.”

“In this foster family, Dan Dan found a place where she could make meaningful contributions to her home, leaving her unique mark, and reminding herself every day that she truly belongs. It is moments like these that exemplify the beauty of foster families - their attention to detail and the tender care they provide. It is what I cherish most about visiting the families Care for Children works with, witnessing the small gestures that create an enormous impact on a child's life.”

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