Fang Fang's Story

Fang Fang, a six-year-old child, was reserved and distant in her foster family. She rarely showed any signs of happiness, excitement, or distress. Even when she was hurt or upset, she didn't ask for help from her foster parents. Instead, she would sit under the table, rocking back and forth, and whimpering softly. Whenever her foster parents tried to console her, she would look around in a confused and distressed manner, without making eye contact or responding physically.

In contrast, Fang Fang's foster mother was an open and expressive person. She would make herself available in a subtle way, following Fang Fang's lead and tuning in to her like a mother would, in order to establish a connection with her child.

“Whenever I noticed Fang Fang heading to her bedroom, I would go there and put away her clothes. This wasn't meant to initiate a conversation, but rather to provide her with an opportunity to talk. She could sense that I had time to listen.”

Over time, Fang Fang started to warm to her foster mother. She began showing excitement and enthusiasm, and developed coping strategies. When she was upset, she would seek comfort from her foster mother. A significant turning point in their relationship occurred when their family rabbit passed away, and Fang Fang instinctively sought solace from her foster mother.

With the support of her foster mother, Fang Fang's inner world began to shift towards more adaptive ways of managing her feelings and behaviours. This allowed her to communicate openly, learn from her experiences, and become more resilient in times of stress.

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